1. Any format, be it Hardcover, paperback or digital copies, are welcome.

2. I usually read all types of books but most preferable genres are : General fiction, Historical fiction, sci-fi, Romances, Thrillers, YA Fantasies, Non fiction, memoirs, magic realism, poetry, mythology & almost everything. It can be novel, novella, short story or essay collection.

3. English and Bengali language books I want.

4. You have to just email me at or DM on social handles for the REVIEW REQUEST.

5. That's it, I know that you know the rest.


If I accept your REVIEW REQUEST, you will get-

1. Detailed unbiased opinion highlighting every corner of your creation. Please don't expect absolutely positive reviews because if readers believe me I can't betray them. But I will never spread negativity because I know every creation is made of so much hard work.

2. Reviews will completely depend on my perspective, other reviews or buzz has hardly any effect on me.

3. With the review, I will also add Lit meter ( individual ratings of every aspect), Authors Meter (showcasing authors previous books I reviewed) and many more things which will help the reader to choose what he/she gets.

4. Beside the blog you will make to see the reviews on GOODREADS, AMAZON and Social medias.

5. There is no specific time but you can expect the review within one month as per my schedule.

6. Cover Reveal, interview, promotions are available if you want.

7. That's it, I guarantee you a satisfying interaction between us. Email me


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