BOOK: Time Crawlers - Stories from Parallel Universes
AUTHOR: Varun Sayal
Genre: Sci-fi
Publication Date: 13/6/2018

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Review: So the book is basically a collection of 6 short stories. Let's discuss the stories without spoil the storyline.

1. NarkAstra - The Hell Weapon : The book starts with a magnanimous war setting. This story is based on a hypothetical war where the author described it more scientifically than mythologically, that's unique.

2. Death by Crowd : An absolutely disturbing setting which is actually an interview of the owner of a brutal show. The description were really disturbing and the story was allegorical, the author showed how man can pay to enjoy one's brutal death.

3. Genie: A modern take on of the famous Lamp-Genie story. That was a light read, enjoyable and funny.

4. Time Crawlers: The author presented some hypothetical theories of light and time which was fascinating.

5. Eclipse: Another dark setting where the author told a twisted tale. Initially I found a probability to be a great sci-fi story in it, which was destroyed later. 

6. The Cave: Probably the best story from the book. The unusual setting, the thrill, the pressure building, the grand descriptions - It was better. It could be made into a novel also. 

So overall, the six stories are loosely based on Extraterrestrial, Foreign Dimension and technology but they had hardly any link with each other. I found the overall flavour missing. I mean what the author wants to say is not clear. There was off course some unique quality but mostly it was highly influenced. Being a die hard sci-fi fan I am saying that it could be more prominent, realistic, intelligent. A fine editing is needed to reduce the grammatical errors. 

Still this was a spectacular show of the author's imagination skill. His writing style is good enough to keep you hooked till the end. He had built some unusual grand world within very little space. That's quite brilliant. He showed some unique perspective also.

If we can think symbolically, the stories have some logic also. Overall it's highly entertaining.

For the author I will suggest to make the stories little elongated, stories need prologue. The description were fine but an overall logical conclusion is needed.

So, if you are a die hard sci-fi fan, and you want to go through some unique world quickly, grab it, it will not make you disappointed.

Overall Rating: 3/5

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