BOOK REVIEW: The Leader by N.S. Ravi

Honest attempt but disappointing outcome

Author: N.S. Ravi
Publisher: Author Paradise
Genre: Fiction
Publication date: 9 Apr 2018

Blurb: The Leader. A fiction inspired by the famous ‘Textile Strike of 1982’in Bombay. The city with a population of five million practically lost a whole industry and more than 70 factories. 250 thousand families lose employment and livelihood of 1 Million or 2 percent of city’s population got affected.

Review: So 'The Leader' is a fiction, set in the Bombay during the 'Textile Strike of 1982'. As my reviews are always spoiler free, so will not reveal anything from the plot. 

The author chose a very good subject for his 5th book. As we know very little (never tried to know!) about that incident, it was a great decision to write about this. And a fiction based on a true account is always attractive. 

The author started it well by introducing the characters. The introductions were brief and we'll written. Then the plot also started quite finely. But a lot of problems came then. 

The character creation was fine, but the motive of the characters was uncertain. The long speech of every character was irritating. A lot of reader will fill bore reading those business related long long one man speech. 

But the biggest problem is that the author shortened the story line where the story needed some detailing and stretched unnecessarily  when it should be told faster. And the story never dealt with the look of 1982 Bombay. It is only plot based, I mean so much plot based that the story became dull. 

Also the author revealed everything in the start, and you can see what will happen easily. A twist came lately but it was too late to save the plot. And another disappointment is the weak editing, a lot of error there! 

So the intention and attempt was fine but the outcome is disappointing. 

• Good Concept, good start
• Uncertain motive of character, irritating long sppech
• Unnecessary stretching and lack of detailing
• Ordinary pace and bad editing


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Thanks to the publisher and Mr Sandeep Sharma for the review copy.

[2018 Read:8, Reviewed:7]