An astonishing scientific saga with a disguise of an edgy spy thriller 

Language: English
Book length: 332

BLURB: Trying to protect his pregnant wife, scientist Ashwin Rathore gets killed - unexpectedly and unwantedly. A deadly force lurks in the murk that wants her too, but why? Is it because she works for and with the military and Intelligence teams in the country, or is it because she knows something that no one else does?

REVIEW: So basically the book is a spy thriller with a touch of some scientific theories.
We can divide the whole novel into two parts, one is the spy story, the body of the novel and other one is the afterlife phenomenon and scientific theories, the soul of it. 
In one word, the later part was just mind-blowing and amazing. The story deals up with some interesting physics theories as particle physics, quantum enigma, theory of chaos or Entropy and off course the butterfly effect. The description of afterlife, the mysterious dimension were enough to give you goosebumps. Reading these parts was like reading a magnificent science journal. Thanks to the author's profession. The overall concept is highly influenced but the author showed his own perceptions. There is hardly any reference of those interesting concepts in popular Indian literature or films(Except a film named Nannaku Prematho I watched last year). The base was really logical and you will never find it weird or impossible. So it will be a very fresh but wonderful concept you will face.

The best part is that this is not over. The main story - the stylist and thrilling spy story is also brilliant. It has every quality to be a popular spy thriller though some part were predictable. But the progression, character building was brilliant. The author masterfully built ups the tension and holds the mystery. The mood, motive and detailing of the characters were perfect. The storytelling was fine and you will never be bored. Hats off to the author for creating such a brave and brilliant female protagonist Shruti. Actually all the characters and plots were supremely charming. The writing style was apt. With those brilliant science theories, it is wonderful to find the main part equally brilliant. A really promising saga. 

But I find two major issues that can't be overlooked. Firstly after the really complicated read, the author left his reader in a irritating 'badly want sequel' position which will be not satisfying for 40% readers. The second part is that despite of the author's fine description, the hard core physics part will not be able to connect with some readers, specially those who find science hard to digest. So it is not everyone's cup of coffee. 

There is great science books and greater spy thrillers but there is hardly any book like this which masterfully mixed the two different genres. Being a science student and a physics lover I have been wanting to read something entertaining with the touch of science and this was perfect. It was a grand risk the author took by debuting with this type of subject, but I had to say he managed it brilliantly. Grab your copy and read this, you haven't read anything like this before. 

Overall Rating: 4/5

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