A glittering masterpiece & a must read for various reasons.

Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Publication date : 20 Apr 2018
Language: English
Book length: 327

BUY: AMAZON IN Blurb: The location is a planet in outer space inhabited by antagonistic species. 
The night Seeni died, the fault line reappeared. The existing equilibrium between men and women, the antagonistic species that inhabit Elone began to crumble. If a clash happens, how long would it last? What would remain? Who? How many? Were they heading for a time like the last days on Earth? 
As each side regroups along the Fence, Maya, a woman’s consciousness from twenty-third century Earth, reveals the past intertwined existence of men and women. Would knowledge of their shared past change the course for the future? 
Delving into ideas of divergence, immortality and consequent new social constructs, Ascendance is set in a world that represents a possible and not a dystopian future.

REVIEW: So the main plot is on an outer space planet named 'Elone' where men and women live like separate species and do cell propagation to create 'Creation'. The whole story narrates their cause of leaving Earth, their life in Elone, the newly come problem and the overcome and ascendance. No more talk, I don't want to spoil the story line. 

Basically the novel is a sci-fi but the best part is that after reading few pages you will be drowned on this magnificent world and the plot will seem to be more real. And then comes the victory point, unlike popular sci-fi, the experienced author didn't tell a fantasy story, but she told a story that really can be happen in the distant future. That is how a sci-fi should be. I have come across a lot of Sci-fi movies and books, and it will not an exaggeration to declare that it is the best till now. Her thought and concepts are not only gigantically amazing but so real. The novel deal with some brilliant things like Gender issue, future sexuality, cloning, merging, cell propagation etc. The whole description were so much scientific. A great study before writing is evident. 

It is a literally winner too. The writing style is apt and really poetic in some portion. She created an absolutely mesmerizing setting all around. The characters were perfectly written with different moods and motive. The story was greatly gripping and thrilling too. 

But I still have two very minor questions and requesting the author to answer.
Firstly what happened to Odef at last? 
And secondly if Elone is perfectly fine to support life, why any different species(unearthly) had not been born there automatically. 
But these are my personal asking. No problems with the overall story progression. 

So the magical start, steady middle and a brilliantly fine finale makes it a clear winner. The author never supported a particular gender and showed the win of humanity at last. And I am recommending it to everyone because it is a beautiful book and more than a brilliant sci-fi novel.
Absolutely loved it.


Thanks a lot to the author and Rupa Publication for the review copy.

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[2018 read: 5. Review: 4]