"A Grand & Magnificent tell of loyalty,power,greed,love,trust,cheat, conspiracy and mystery.
A Jewell ancient melody which is played gorgeously by a mastermind storyteller. "

Author: Ravi Shankar Etteth
Publisher: Westland
Publication date: 23 Mar 2018
Language: English

Book length: 252

The empire is ruled with an iron hand, masterminded by Emperor Ashok. But his kingdom is under siege and even his able spymaster, the enigmatically named Brahmin, is baffled by the murders that have shocked the concubines’ quarters. Who is behind the gruesome deaths and what is their purpose?

Lush with historical detail and unforgettable characters, The Brahmin is an intelligently plotted novel that seeks to recreate a near mythical period in India’s past.

Being fully mesmerized, I can't decide from where I start. I picked the book for it's interesting genre. I want to know about the pre Magadha-Kalinga war as I read hardly anything about Ashoka and his kingdom previously. I always love murder mysteries, so I start this one with mediocre expectations. But from the very first chapter the novel impressed me so much that I couldn't put it down. It start with a murder in the harem of Patliputra. And the author masterfully reveled the all mystery in am adorable style. The real hero of the saga is The Brahmin, spymaster of Ashoka.
Not only the Brahmin, Ravi Shankar showed his great skill of characterization in all the epic characters - Asandhimitra, Suma, Mur, Radhagupta, the Greek fighters and the monks - everyone is different from each other. And who can forget the Hao !
He also created magic to make the royal set alive. The details description can give you goosebumps, from the royal foods,furniture to the mysterious forest. The twist and turns are everywhere. The dialogues are so much intellectual and reflection of Etteth's brilliance. Writing style, progression was also masterful. You will not feel bored for even a second. The royal story will grip you and teleport you to 267 BC. Beside being a beautiful thriller, it's a great historical Jewell also. The historical links are terrific. The brilliant start, poetic and gripping middle and the fine finale makes 'The Brahmin' a Historical masterpiece. A must read. One of the best literary milestone made by Indian Author. Hats off.

Rating: 5/5 (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A Book Review by Bodhisattya Pal.

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