MOVIE REVIEW REVIEW(2): 'The Shape Of Water'

Film Review(2)
'The Shape of Water'
Release Date: 8/12/17
Director: Guilermo del Toro
Reviewed by Bodhisattwa Pal.

•Plot Summary: Elisa is a mute, isolated woman who works as a cleaning lady ina hidden, high-security government laboratory in1962 Baltimore. Her life changes forever when she discovers the lab's classified secret -- a mysterious, scaled creature from South Americathat lives in a water tank. As Elisa develops a unique bond with her new friend, she soon learns that its fate and very survival lies in the hands of a hostile government agent and a marine biologist.

•Goods: What to say! Everything about the film is better than good.In one word a magnificent masterpiece.A grand fairytale story - Love between a mute woman & a mystrious amphibian species!Goosebumps!As usual legendery direction from The Great Del Toro.Minute character Detailing,terrific beautiful mood creation.A top class acting from the whole cast.Every scene is ashtonishing & stunning.The whole masterpiece is crafted with lush green color shades.The out of the world romance is presented so smoothly that you can hardly comeback to your world soon.Mindblowing set,Magnum opus visuls,Brilliant cinematography,Magnificent music,deals with homosexuality & cold war ref.,mystry,friendship,hatrate,emotions & the epic romance makes it the Film Of The Century.Bestest Creation i ever seen.

•Music: To make the masterpice 100% stunning,50% credits goes to Alexandre Desplat,the composer of the film.He just created magic with his scores.The emotional,hearty,sensetive,soulful,epic scores with piano,flute,waterphone,whistling,string work was hypnotising & stunning.The beautiful 'Main Theme','Elisa's theme','Princess without voice', Grand romantic 'Underwater kiss','Overflow of love',Emotional 'Rainy Day',Serious 'Egg' & 'Creature','Escape'.He masterfully rearranged & made magical 'You'll Never Know'.Hats off to Alexandre for this briiliant dreamy fairytale OST,best i ever listened.

•Performance: Sally Hawkins as Elisa did best on screen cinematic performance i ever witnessed.She was truely the princess.Doug Jones as the creature was beautiful.His expression & movement was prominant & truely Brilliant.It was not a easy role.But he nailed it.Richard as the calm,gentle,gay oldman was treat to watch.Micheal Sannon was our brilliant villain.And Ocatavia also hits masterstroke.
The crew was beyond perfect.I have no words to the living legend Guielermo.He made a epic fairytale.Dan's cinematography,The outstanding camerawork,make up,color,costume & the greatest production desingn,visuals,graphics were as mindblowning as dream.
Best performance from cast & crew for a film.A performance to be remembered decades after decades.
1.Direction: 5/5
2.Story: 5/5
3.Visuals & Presentation: 5/5
4.Star Performance: 5/5
5.Music & Score: 5/5

•Percentage: 100%
•Grade: AA
•Ovearall Rating: 5/5

•Last Words: If you haven't seen 'The Shape Of Water',you haven't seen anything.It's surely best film ever.A grand,Magnum opus,Romantic,dreamy fairy tale.A experience of Lifetime.Mesmerizing..........

Reviewed by Bodhisattwa Pal.